Are you a fan of Speed Racer?

Well this is for you. My name is Fleur Douglas - better known as Flink Racer, X9 JG24, Racer X Grrl or similar nicknames. This, once fully up, will be the main page for a FFRPG - Fan Fiction Role Play Game. At the moment, we need people to play the characters. It's gonna be through email, although I will keep a reasonably up-to-date archive on this site. If you want to assume a character, use this form and I'll email back hopefully within 24 hours telling you if you can be that character. Simple as that!

When you take a character, you either make a page on your homepage about that character, including images and background info, or write the HTML for one which can be hosted on this page. You MUST do this, it's important. You can, of course, make up details not covered in the series.
Note: We are going to be using the ORIGINAL series' characters - 'cause it's the only series I've seen! *laughs* Oh - and read the story thus far!

The Cast so far

Speed: Sakura (no page yet)
Racer X: Nicole
Trixie: Flink
Spritle: Allison (no page yet)
Pops: Andrew(No page yet)
Sparky: Islana
Amanda Skye Emrys: Stana (no page yet)
Lucifer Ajaners: Islana
Joseph "Viper Joe" Valiant: Jess (no page yet)
Serena Knight: Jackie (no page yet)

You can also create new characters. In fact, I fully encourage you to!

Character Form/Story so far/Mail me

This is in no way endorsed by: the Official Site!

legal note: copyright names, images etc. Tatsunoko Productions, graphics courtesy of the Pangea corporation. We mean no harm by this roleplay, just to demonstrate how much we love Speed Racer. Disclaimer: none of the characters belong to us, if they did, we'd be very, very, happy, and probably rich. Which we are not. Anyway, this is long enough...but still, yeah, you know I'm only doing it out of love. My name is not Merryl Streep, despite the song I seem to sing quite a bit at the moment. This seems to be taking over my life. Whaddaya mean, you don't believe I have a life?! Ping. Insulted. Grr. Etc..but hey. I'm over it now. Speed Racer is so great, I in worship of it! Yesss! But two updates in one day? Wow, that's incredible. I don't think I've ever updated something twice in one day before, doesn't that say is some more mindless dribble, sorry Nicole for taking your cool name titley thingymajiggy, hey, I finally made my page for Trix! And I'm on holiday! FTP is the best creation ever, may I say!